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Internet Marketing For Newbies – 2022

Internet marketing can be a confusing topic, but with this 10 part video series you'll have a clear understanding of what it is and how to use it to your advantage. You'll learn about the different aspects of internet marketing, and how to apply them to your business. After watching this series you will have a fuller understanding of this business!

*You can adjust the speed of the videos in the settings cog

Video 1: Introduction




Video 2: Starting With Solid Foundations




Video 3: Content Marketing




Video 4: A basic introduction to Social Media Marketing.





Video 5: Introduction to SEO  (Part 1)





Video 6: Introduction to SEO (Part 2)





Video 7: Introduction to PPC 





Video 8: What is Affiliate Marketing





Video 9: More Strategies





Video 10: Its a Wrap!



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