Using Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing: Warning!


If you're in the online marketing world right now, you've definitely heard everyone and their neighbor talking about ChatGPT and other AI technologies like

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The use of these content-creation tools appears to be gaining popularity. Marketers are yelling from the rooftops about how ChatGPT is the solution to their content generation problems.

Simply type a few phrases into the ChatGPT bar… et voilà! You have a new article created for you.

Is this future, however, as rosy as it appears?

“The brighter the picture, the darker the negative,” as the old adage goes.

In this scenario, the adage may be true if one examines the long-term consequences of these AI capabilities.

It's only a matter of time before Google cracks down on sites that use AI-generated content since it degrades the user experience.

The technology for detecting AI content is currently available!

Introducing … the concept of originality.Ai

Consider that??  An AI detection tool for AI content!

It's almost as though an older Terminator model is sent to remove the newer, more malicious Terminator… However, the situation here is far more friendly and bloodless. is a plagiarism detection technology that is particularly good at detecting AI-generated content.

Because of the value it delivers, it is being used by an increasing number of marketers.

Here Is  in action

Here are seven reasons why you should have this useful plagiarism/AI detection in your content marketing arsenal.

Examine the work of your writers ….

Professional writer

There isn't much of a problem if you write your own content. However, when your site/s increases in popularity, it will become impossible to scale up and flourish without the assistance of freelance writers.

With the proliferation of AI content tools, a very pernicious problem will emerge.

How will you know whether your writer is actually writing the content?

Gasp! What if he's using ChatGPT to generate text that reads great but is duplicated on hundreds of other websites?

You're hiring a real writer to create material with personality and fascinating facts in order to increase interaction.

When it comes to creating interesting and instructive material, no AI technology can ever replace a human.

However, freelance writers earn more money as their workload increases. There is always the desire to take on more work than they can handle.

They'll be able to develop content in minutes with ChatGPT.

However, their sloppy approach to content production will harm your site and destroy your business.

This is why you want a tool such as Originality.AI to determine whether the text was written by hand or by AI technology.

Identify AI material in PLR

detect ai written content

Because of the volume of trash content sold, private label rights (PLR) content already has a negative image.

There are legitimate PLR suppliers in the sector, but they are scarce.

When there were no AI technologies, most PLR content was already sloppy and lacking in quality.

With these technologies now at their disposal, you can expect that the typical suspects will invent strategies to market AI-generated content as PLR.

You'll be able to tell whether the PLR material was created by a human or a soulless software using Originality.AI.

The content score makes it simple using Originality.

The content is scored by AI on a scale of 0-100. This makes determining whether or not the content is generated by AI fairly simple.

You can tell just by looking at the score. There is no need to perform mental calculations or filter through mountains of data.

Considering purchasing a website?

If you're in the business of flipping websites or purchasing them as an investment, it goes without saying that the material on these sites must be excellent.
Most sensible marketers will not want a site full of AI material that is just waiting to be slapped in the next Google update.
Originality.AI will enable you to scan the entire site for AI content. This will save you a lot of time – and keep you from wasting money on a site that won't rank well in search engines.

Simple team management

Originality.AI keeps a record of all searches performed on it as well as the people that conducted the queries. If you have a writing team and require them to scan the text before submission, you will have a record to determine if your authors are doing their job.
You'll have documentation of their activities. You can also have an unlimited number of team members.

Original and versatile.

You have the option of searching for plagiarism or AI content… or both.
This program has a lot more flexibility than other plagiarism checkers.

Very inexpensive

The ‘pay-as-you-go' option is one of the nicest ‘features' of Originality.AI.

Most SAAS solutions now charge a monthly subscription ranging from $47 to $97 per month.

You may not even use the tool for some months but still, pay for it.

There will be NO such problems with Originality.AI.

It's inexpensive at $0.01 per 100 words, which means you'll only pay $1 to scan 10,000 words of material.

Pay only for what you use and nothing more.

That's a fantastic offer!

It even has an auto-billing feature so you may acquire more credits as needed. You won't have to wait until the next billing cycle to do additional searches.

Finally, if you use content provided by others, Originality.AI is a must-have tool. You don't want to accidentally destroy your sites by using AI-generated content.

Because of the rise of AI authors, it's only a matter of time before this tool becomes even more popular.
With new tools like the ‘Full Site Scan,' which will be available soon, you will be able to scan an entire site for AI content just by inputting the URL into Originality.AI. That's something to be excited about.
Give Originality.AI a try, and you'll see that it's just what your internet business requires.

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